Crochet and Gardening

I am in trouble off hubby for buying yet more yarn.  I couldn’t resist.  Its 100% cotton and lovely and soft.  I plan on using it to make a granny square blanket for my mothers 60th at Christmas.  For 700g it was only £15 so a great bargain too!

ImageI have also recently started a quick blanket for my sons bed.  It’s almost time to whip the duvets on and have sheets and blankets for when its warm at night.  I wanted something fun and quick so I’ve started with squares…..this is my new way of blocking them as I get fed up pinning them all down to my ironing board.  What do you think??  Basic nails whacked in a

bit of old wood!


I am also making this lovely blanket for my cousins baby.  I am unsure of the colours as we do not know the sex of the baby yet, but I am loving the combination.  If I do decide its a bit boyish I may just keep it myself!



I did some gardening late last week and planted all my plants into pots.  I love having loads of pots around, especially ones that do not match.  There are many more to do you yet.  However, I am reluctant to do them just yet as after the recent downpours, they are suffering a little.Image


Just before I go, here is a sneak peek at my tea last night……cheese and onion potato gratin………… was DELICIOUS!Image



Yes that’s right, I had the all clear with my Breast Lump on Tuesday.

Waiting 2 weeks for the urgent referral was the worst part.

I took my Mam with me.  Hubby wanted to come but I needed him home for the kids and I thought he would be more of a worry than my appointment.

I had the mammogram first.  Ouchy!  It really squashes your boobies!  Then an ultrasound on the suspect lump and I am pleased to say it was an enlarged lymph node.

The relief was immense, I could have cried, well I did a little on the way home.

The nurses and staff at the Breast Clinic were amazing and full of support.

If there is one thing this whole terrifying experience has taught me it is, if you are in ANY doubt, GET IT CHECKED!  Do not fear that because you do not fit in a ‘catagory’ that you will be dismissed from the GP room.  If you have concerns, VOICE THEM.

I am thankful I went to my GP and she gave me that referral.  Just because I am 37 does not make me immune from this disease.

I was 18 when I went for my first smear test and it turned out abnormal.  I had pre-cancerous cells and ended up having a Loop Diathermy Loop Excision of the Cervix.  I have been for yearly smears since.

I do not understand why the Government raised the age to 25 to qualify for a smear test.  When I was younger, we were told to attend for a smear test a year or so after you became sexually active.  This is what I did, and boy am I glad.

So to end this week I will be divulging in some wine and chocolate!


Today is THE day!

The two week wait is over, and I am off to the Breast Clinic this afternoon to find out what this little lump is all about.

I have been feeling good about things of late.  I have being to trying to keep myself in a positive frame of mind.

I have stopped Googling things about it too as I find this just makes me more paranoid and causes much unnecessary worry.

I have asked my Mam to come with me today.  I will be having a mammogram, ultrasound and if anything untoward is found they will biopsy there and then.   My hubby wanted to come, but I need him to be there for the kids after school.  As much as I love hubby, I really want my Mam to hold my hand today.  Maybe its the mother-daughter-female bond thing, I don’t know.  If hubby came with me, he would be a wreck with worry and I need someone who will be strong.

I am hoping the 7th May 2013 will be a date I can forget, I pray it does not become a date to remember.