Cheesecake, potatoes & broccoli

This ‘blog’ lark is all new to me, but was advised by a friend to give it a go.  It feels a little like a first day at school sort of thing.  I don’t know what I am doing, cannot navigate my way around and feel a bit lost and homesick.

However…..welcome to me!  I am a mam of two wonderful children…..well I would say that, they are my children, however at times they do my head in, just being honest.  You will get a lot of honesty from me on here.  Not scared of hiding my true feelings and thoughts…..otherwise whats the point  in pretending to be something I am not?

My kids are six and four.  They really are good kids.  They have their moments like most.  Yet everyday, there always IS one of those moments.  As I type my four year old son is whinging and crying on about a crappy robot we got in Poundland this morning that is already broken.  I have had to switch off from his constant drone.  It can be soul destroying at times.  Oh hang on….he has thrown it in the toybox in a rage and has moved on to something else…..ah the peace!

My six year old daughter is quite happily playing restaurants with her dolls.  One of the poor dolls is having chessecake with roast potatoes and broccoli from what I can hear.  Lucky dolls eh?  She is a real girly girl, all glitter and pink, yet she sometimes has the back chat and attitude of a 13 year old!  Someone tell me why were work so hard raising nice polite friendly kids for the first three to fours years of their lives for it all to be ruined once they go to school and start mixing with other snotty nosed brats????  I am on top of this though…..I think!

I am being beckoned by my kids to join in the restaurant fun…..mmmmm cheesecake, potatoes and broccoli!

Well a very brief insight into me.  Lots more to come!