Today is THE day!

The two week wait is over, and I am off to the Breast Clinic this afternoon to find out what this little lump is all about.

I have been feeling good about things of late.  I have being to trying to keep myself in a positive frame of mind.

I have stopped Googling things about it too as I find this just makes me more paranoid and causes much unnecessary worry.

I have asked my Mam to come with me today.  I will be having a mammogram, ultrasound and if anything untoward is found they will biopsy there and then.   My hubby wanted to come, but I need him to be there for the kids after school.  As much as I love hubby, I really want my Mam to hold my hand today.  Maybe its the mother-daughter-female bond thing, I don’t know.  If hubby came with me, he would be a wreck with worry and I need someone who will be strong.

I am hoping the 7th May 2013 will be a date I can forget, I pray it does not become a date to remember.