A little bit of my week!

Look at these cute cushions!  A fox and a doggy…..I love them.  Reduced to £2.00 each!  They fit in nicely!




















I have been VERY busy on my blankets of late.  I needed something for my sons bed for the summer when the duvets are whipped of.  It is made just basic granny squares is odds and ends of yarn I have left over from other projects,  and this is what I have done so far….











I am also working on this Rainbow Ripple blanket for my cousin and their baby due in November.  They don’t know the sex of the baby so I thought I would just stick to something that would sit a girl or a boy.  I am loving making this!!










The kids and I made brownies this week.  I am not much of a cook if I am totally honest, but I do like to try making things.  The kids ‘helped’ mostly with the eating part, they were delicious!










Well finally this week SUMMER has arrived with a bang.  What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.  My mood is amazing!  I love the sunshine as do my kids.  They are literally walking in the front door from school at 3.30, stripping as they go and heading straight out the back door into the paddling pool!  Yay happy summer all!



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