Big Boys and their Toys

What a day!  Hubby decided he wanted to paint the kitchen TODAY!  I wanted to wait until the kids were back at school and out the house but no no he’s knows best!  Actually it didn’t go too badly.  He had brought one of those “point and paint” thingys off the TV….and did a bloody good job if I say so myself. It’s his new toy and has promised to do the lounge tomorrow! So now my kitchen looks fingerprint and crayon free (for a while anyway).

Don’t know what was wrong with hubby today as after he’d done the kitchen he decided he wanted to try the new lawn mower and cut the grass in the front and back gardens!  After MANY curse words he eventually got it all put together. Now, please let me assure you, I normally have to beg and plead for him to cut the grass, so you can imagine my shock.  Again he did a bloody good job, and now the grass looks lush and green ready for summer. (hahaha….I’m wishing too) 

You can see a theme starting here can’t you?  Fully grown man with new painting tools and grass cutting machinery….grrrrr…..boys and their toys eh?  The novelty will wear off.

Its 8pm and I too have only just sat my bum down…..crochet at the ready of course.  I’ve just brought this Heinz soup below and I cannot recommend it enough.  Absolutely delicious!  As its a Limited Edition, I will stock up on some of these.  It went down lovely with my tiger bread pasted with Lurpack!  Slurpy slurp slurp.

A must try!