The wonders of Ebay

I am having a huge Ebay selling session at the moment, trying to raise some spending money for our hoildays later in the year to Greece.  When I have one of these sessions, the children become very wary of me and begin hiding their things.  I don’t blame them to be honest as anything that isn’t nailed down gets put on Ebay in my house.  I have been known to wait until they are at nursery and school before I have a rummage and in all honesty they are usually none the wiser that things have gone missing.  Just goes to show how much they have got.

Against hubbys wishes, as he wanted to throw it in the skip, I have put the kids outdoor playhouse on there, and wow in the first 24 hours the bidding has gone crazy!  I am shocked but chuffed as nuts too!  Ok its only at £32 so far but there’s a few days of bidding left……better the money in my pocket than on the skip any day!

Had a mooch around at the parents house too.  Lots of clothes from my dad, who for 62 is quite trendy, not in a “look at me I am still 30″ way though.  His shirts etc are all XXL (he is 6’4”) and larges sizes seem to sell really well on Ebay, well everywhere in fact.  Have you ever noticed that, when a clothes shop has a SALE the only sizes left of 6 and 8????  You would think they would learn from this wouldn’t you? NOT EVERYONE IS SKINNY!

I am having to be very good on Ebay mind you.  With all this selling and I am trying to curb my buying….after all, these are much need extra funds for Greek Beer.  Yarn……its my killer!  I cannot resist a bargain.  A friend introduced me to crochet a little over a year ago and I am hooked (excuse the pun).  I’ve made everything from hats, scarves, blankets, cardigans……I can’t stop.  I find it relaxing more than anything once the kids are in bed and I get a bit of me time…..I do not dive for the ironing board or begin cleaning, no, I like to sit and Crochet.

So back to my Ebay watching I go. (promise not to but anything)Image