Crochet and Gardening

I am in trouble off hubby for buying yet more yarn.  I couldn’t resist.  Its 100% cotton and lovely and soft.  I plan on using it to make a granny square blanket for my mothers 60th at Christmas.  For 700g it was only £15 so a great bargain too!

ImageI have also recently started a quick blanket for my sons bed.  It’s almost time to whip the duvets on and have sheets and blankets for when its warm at night.  I wanted something fun and quick so I’ve started with squares…..this is my new way of blocking them as I get fed up pinning them all down to my ironing board.  What do you think??  Basic nails whacked in a

bit of old wood!


I am also making this lovely blanket for my cousins baby.  I am unsure of the colours as we do not know the sex of the baby yet, but I am loving the combination.  If I do decide its a bit boyish I may just keep it myself!



I did some gardening late last week and planted all my plants into pots.  I love having loads of pots around, especially ones that do not match.  There are many more to do you yet.  However, I am reluctant to do them just yet as after the recent downpours, they are suffering a little.Image


Just before I go, here is a sneak peek at my tea last night……cheese and onion potato gratin………… was DELICIOUS!Image