FREE Crochet Circles in Squares pattern

I made this square up as I went along and made a lovely blanket out of some cotton yarns I had andImage I loved how it turned out.  I thought I would share the pattern with you all!  Enjoy!








Circles in Squares

Ch6 and join with sl st to make a ring
R1. Ch3 (counts as 1tr), 15tr into ring, sl st into 3rd ch.
R2. Ch5 (counts as 1tr and ch2) [1tr into next tr, ch2] 15 times, join with sl st into 3ch of ch5.
R3. Sl to next ch2 sp. Ch3 (counts as 1tr) 2tr into same space, ch1, *[3tr ch1] into next ch2 sp, repeat from * to end, join with sl st into ch3.
R4. In the Same ch1 sp, dc. *[ch3, 1dc into next ch1 sp] three times, ch6 to make corner, **1dc into next ch1 sp: rep from * twice and from *to** once more. Join with sl st into first ch3.
R5. Sl into next ch3 space, 3tr into each of next two ch3 sps, *[5tr, ch2, 5tr] into ch6 corner sp, **3tr into each of the next three ch3 sp: rep from *last ch6 corner sp and rep from * to ** once more. Join with sl st into ch3.
R5. Ch3, 1tr into each tr of the previous round, working [2tr, ch2, 2tr] into each ch2 corner sp. Join with sl st into top of ch3.
R6. Ch3, repeat R5.

Ta Dah.

BooPollyBoo Crochet