Mini crochet project

crochet bagSometimes I need to take a break from all the blankets, cardigans etc and try something new. I hooked this up last night! A little bag for my holidays! It was surprisingly quick to crochet and came out pretty nice. The photo doesn’t show the colours too well. I am going to make my daughter one for her holidays too,


FREE Crochet Circles in Squares pattern

I made this square up as I went along and made a lovely blanket out of some cotton yarns I had andImage I loved how it turned out.  I thought I would share the pattern with you all!  Enjoy!








Circles in Squares

Ch6 and join with sl st to make a ring
R1. Ch3 (counts as 1tr), 15tr into ring, sl st into 3rd ch.
R2. Ch5 (counts as 1tr and ch2) [1tr into next tr, ch2] 15 times, join with sl st into 3ch of ch5.
R3. Sl to next ch2 sp. Ch3 (counts as 1tr) 2tr into same space, ch1, *[3tr ch1] into next ch2 sp, repeat from * to end, join with sl st into ch3.
R4. In the Same ch1 sp, dc. *[ch3, 1dc into next ch1 sp] three times, ch6 to make corner, **1dc into next ch1 sp: rep from * twice and from *to** once more. Join with sl st into first ch3.
R5. Sl into next ch3 space, 3tr into each of next two ch3 sps, *[5tr, ch2, 5tr] into ch6 corner sp, **3tr into each of the next three ch3 sp: rep from *last ch6 corner sp and rep from * to ** once more. Join with sl st into ch3.
R5. Ch3, 1tr into each tr of the previous round, working [2tr, ch2, 2tr] into each ch2 corner sp. Join with sl st into top of ch3.
R6. Ch3, repeat R5.

Ta Dah.

BooPollyBoo Crochet




Work, wine and 999.

Phew what a day.  Started work at 8am this morning until 4pm.  I work for the Ambulance service as a 111 call handler.  It has been non-stop today and I am mentally drained.

I only started back in January and I only work the weekends as it fits in nicely with homelife.  I do like my job, and I am hoping it is just because I am new that I am finding it mentally draining.  The majority of patients I talk to are lovely and are appreciative of my help, but you always get the odd one who is just nothing put a pain in the backside.  I wish I could share stories, but due to patient confidentiality I am unable to.  It is such an interesting role, there are never two calls the same.  I do come home with a sigh of relief  though and thank my lucky stars that me and mine are all happy and healthy.  Life is so short and precious and in a job like mine you realise that very quickly.

I do get very annoyed when I read bad articles in the press about the new 111 service.  You only ever hear the bad experiences of people, it seems very unfair.  This is primarily an Out Of Hours Service.  It’s all about getting the patient “the right care at the right place at the right time”.  When a patient calls they have it in their mind what care they want to receive and expect that outcome, however that is not always the case.  We rule out life threatening conditions and situations through a thorough assessment and then find the appropriate care for their present symptoms.  This is where conflict is often met.  It can be quite hard as a call handler to tell the patient that from the information they have given you regarding their symptoms it would be safe to wait to see their own Doctor during normal hours.  This is not what they want to hear, they want to see a Doctor there and then.  It’s so very hard.  As I said, I do hate to see this system put down, it does a fabulous job for so many people and I wish the public could hear more of this.

After today I am due a large glass of the white stuff.  I do like my wine, especially after a day at work.  It helps me unwind and helps me sleep without thinking about patients.  During the week I am fine but of a weekend calls are going through my head….did I do this, did I do that? etc.  It drives me wild.  So glass number two is on the way!

Little people & their friends

Well my 6 year old daughter and my 4 year old son each had a friend around today to play.  In honesty I was dreading it.  The kids have never had friends around before, it’s not my thing.  I don’t really remember doing it myself much as a child.  I feel anxious having my house raided by outsiders.  My home is our little world, complete with dry toast under the sofa and unflushed toilets (the kids do this by way not us).  The thought of people who are not family coming around fills me with fear.  I know it shouldn’t, but it does.  I always think they will look at the dust on the skirting boards or the little handprints on the window and think “what does this woman do all day?”.  Wow I do sound crazy, I swear I am not.  I’m just a homey type of person.  However today I took the plunge today and around they came with their mams. Lots of noise, lots of thudding from upstairs, a pizza eating competition followed by bouncing on the trampoline.  Had a good old gossip with the girls too which is always good! So after all that, all was ok…..the only thing is the kids want this to happen again!!!! ARRRRGGHHHH PASS ME THE DUSTER!Image

My Crochet madness!

Thought I would share some of my crochet makes with you. What do you think??

Big Boys and their Toys

What a day!  Hubby decided he wanted to paint the kitchen TODAY!  I wanted to wait until the kids were back at school and out the house but no no he’s knows best!  Actually it didn’t go too badly.  He had brought one of those “point and paint” thingys off the TV….and did a bloody good job if I say so myself. It’s his new toy and has promised to do the lounge tomorrow! So now my kitchen looks fingerprint and crayon free (for a while anyway).

Don’t know what was wrong with hubby today as after he’d done the kitchen he decided he wanted to try the new lawn mower and cut the grass in the front and back gardens!  After MANY curse words he eventually got it all put together. Now, please let me assure you, I normally have to beg and plead for him to cut the grass, so you can imagine my shock.  Again he did a bloody good job, and now the grass looks lush and green ready for summer. (hahaha….I’m wishing too) 

You can see a theme starting here can’t you?  Fully grown man with new painting tools and grass cutting machinery….grrrrr…..boys and their toys eh?  The novelty will wear off.

Its 8pm and I too have only just sat my bum down…..crochet at the ready of course.  I’ve just brought this Heinz soup below and I cannot recommend it enough.  Absolutely delicious!  As its a Limited Edition, I will stock up on some of these.  It went down lovely with my tiger bread pasted with Lurpack!  Slurpy slurp slurp.

A must try!

The wonders of Ebay

I am having a huge Ebay selling session at the moment, trying to raise some spending money for our hoildays later in the year to Greece.  When I have one of these sessions, the children become very wary of me and begin hiding their things.  I don’t blame them to be honest as anything that isn’t nailed down gets put on Ebay in my house.  I have been known to wait until they are at nursery and school before I have a rummage and in all honesty they are usually none the wiser that things have gone missing.  Just goes to show how much they have got.

Against hubbys wishes, as he wanted to throw it in the skip, I have put the kids outdoor playhouse on there, and wow in the first 24 hours the bidding has gone crazy!  I am shocked but chuffed as nuts too!  Ok its only at £32 so far but there’s a few days of bidding left……better the money in my pocket than on the skip any day!

Had a mooch around at the parents house too.  Lots of clothes from my dad, who for 62 is quite trendy, not in a “look at me I am still 30″ way though.  His shirts etc are all XXL (he is 6’4”) and larges sizes seem to sell really well on Ebay, well everywhere in fact.  Have you ever noticed that, when a clothes shop has a SALE the only sizes left of 6 and 8????  You would think they would learn from this wouldn’t you? NOT EVERYONE IS SKINNY!

I am having to be very good on Ebay mind you.  With all this selling and I am trying to curb my buying….after all, these are much need extra funds for Greek Beer.  Yarn……its my killer!  I cannot resist a bargain.  A friend introduced me to crochet a little over a year ago and I am hooked (excuse the pun).  I’ve made everything from hats, scarves, blankets, cardigans……I can’t stop.  I find it relaxing more than anything once the kids are in bed and I get a bit of me time…..I do not dive for the ironing board or begin cleaning, no, I like to sit and Crochet.

So back to my Ebay watching I go. (promise not to but anything)Image

Cheesecake, potatoes & broccoli

This ‘blog’ lark is all new to me, but was advised by a friend to give it a go.  It feels a little like a first day at school sort of thing.  I don’t know what I am doing, cannot navigate my way around and feel a bit lost and homesick.

However…..welcome to me!  I am a mam of two wonderful children…..well I would say that, they are my children, however at times they do my head in, just being honest.  You will get a lot of honesty from me on here.  Not scared of hiding my true feelings and thoughts…..otherwise whats the point  in pretending to be something I am not?

My kids are six and four.  They really are good kids.  They have their moments like most.  Yet everyday, there always IS one of those moments.  As I type my four year old son is whinging and crying on about a crappy robot we got in Poundland this morning that is already broken.  I have had to switch off from his constant drone.  It can be soul destroying at times.  Oh hang on….he has thrown it in the toybox in a rage and has moved on to something else…..ah the peace!

My six year old daughter is quite happily playing restaurants with her dolls.  One of the poor dolls is having chessecake with roast potatoes and broccoli from what I can hear.  Lucky dolls eh?  She is a real girly girl, all glitter and pink, yet she sometimes has the back chat and attitude of a 13 year old!  Someone tell me why were work so hard raising nice polite friendly kids for the first three to fours years of their lives for it all to be ruined once they go to school and start mixing with other snotty nosed brats????  I am on top of this though…..I think!

I am being beckoned by my kids to join in the restaurant fun…..mmmmm cheesecake, potatoes and broccoli!

Well a very brief insight into me.  Lots more to come!